Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adios c-109

Today was the day officially moved out from c-109

the place where great and wonderful moments for 2 semesters for us

Kuan, Jerry, Fk, Master wise, my dear layteng and me myself

with all those memories...


playing with kutu...

cho dai dee ing...

breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper together...

playing badminton together...

going to class together...

laugh and cheers together...

All these moments was so great..

I gonna miss all these moments freaking bad...

Take care guys..

long live c-109 memories and moments

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The end of the chapter

Well, it is the end of chapter which tells a story of a group of young and energetic civil engineers in UKM. Obviously this four years course chapter seem long but for me it's just like yesterday. Those memories is still fresh in my mind as it happens yesterday. Flashing back on those day when stepping into UKM... getting to know a bunch of good friends from KIY and my fellow course mates.

My first year as a freshmen was wonderful with full of joys, happiness and sorrows. Getting to know my housemates; Chee Seong, Lance and noob Wenzhi. haha...they are wonderful friends to me.. Not forgotten to others com mates also.. together we share laughter and joy, attending our com nite, we play games together, we organize and made our pesta tanglung succesfully. All these experiences was so valuable for me and it will remains as a memories in my life..

While pursuing my degree, i get to know a bunch of great coursemates; Dailo, Kuan, Wise Lee, Fk, Mun Chun, Sow ing, Han Ming, Wei Shin, Marcus, Benny Tang, Ah bear, Wei Chern, Ah lai, Fuyuan, Jason, Ah lam, Wei Ching, Jeffrey, Lik jing, Ah Cat, Chee yuen, Ah wong, Jian hui, Kian sin, yinyin, Jun and last but not least my dearest Layteng. Each of you have your own personality which make jkas a perfect family. Without each of your appearance, it was just like an uncompleted puzzle. Every pieces of it has different meaning and memories to myself. Without u all, jkas wouldn't be a perfect place for me. Sincerely here I wish you guys all the best and have a great future for the next chapter of life in each and every one of you...

From here, I found good and true friend as well as nice and caring housemates. During my coursework u guys help me a lot to complete it....thanks a lot to Wayne, Wise, Kuan, Jerry, Fk, WeiShin, Lai. This 2 weeks, my feeling was complicated....i hate those feeling when the time its come to an end and we need to proceed our own life with new environments, new path, new life....which mean we are going to leave each other to proceed to the next chapter. I have been wondering when will be another chapter that would bring us together again..

Although it comes to an end but it doesn't mean our friendship comes to an end. We all shall f.u.c.k forever...hahah...which means friendship you can keep. Let all the nice and wonderful memories kept forever and we shall meet again in the future. All the best my friends... let us proceed with our path of life and make it a colourful and wonderful ones!

Take care my beloved friends...

Best of luck...

Adios :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm dissapointed
All the plan seem not going to work out
Or maybe it still will works, but I really have no idea
I try to persuade, I try be the initiator, I try to the planner...
but it seem doesn't work out
Definitely I am not forcing to make the plan works...
but doesn't it very clear for the plan to work out, each of us appearance is just important because..
I felt every of you and me is part and parcel of the life of you and me in this chapter..
Maybe I should not look into this so hard
Maybe there is no need to be so serious about this
and maybe from the start, the plan should not be planned
Maybe I should not persuade so much that make me look like a dictator..arghh
I just don't know what to do actually
The eagerness in me may let you felt I'm forcing to make things happen
But I do understand each of you problems and reason for everything
and I believe everyone wanted to make it work just like me do
but maybe not this time
Perhaps next time...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am so fucking frustrated ...



lost direction....

seem nobody can help me to sort the fucking plaxis

what should i do?

been thinking for solution for 4 days....

what you want so call Prof Ir Dr....?

U should gv proactive advise ...if i know then I will be the prof, Ir, Dr, Head and lecturer...

at least you tell me a direction to solve it!

Im speechless and dissapointed...

My problem or yours?

It just doesn't matter perhaps...

cause I'm fucked up now...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Jake Sully


The floating mountain in pandora..pretty amazing
This movie is a great creation which involve lots of computer graphics. It reflects my fantasy about having those kind of beautiful and amazing place such as Pandora. Thumb up!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Since ages i dint update my blog..hehe. But then now i am back again to continue with simply blogs and pictures cause kinda busy with alot of asignments, project, and thesis!!arghh....thinking of these make my head cracks again. Shit...

Past few weeks im been involed in training for Sukem 2009 in basketball event. This was the 3rd time i played for KIY. Haha..kinda loyal. Different teamates, different strategies, different trainings, different games, different memories, different joys and sorrowness. The results? Semifinalist with a bronze medal! Kinda best accomplishment after all the years in Sukem. All the hard work from every teamates during training and games will be a good time for us! Thanks all..

KIY team 2009

After semifinal match against KPZ


Supporters & Jaksa from KIY!!

Bronze medal~~~


Friday, April 10, 2009

Ending is the start of beginning

Finally i have completed my third year semester II studies. It comes to an end today after completing my final design project presentation. 4 days of restless night ends today. Five of us does not sleep for 24 hours till the time for our presentation! Unbelieveable yet it's true. In the end we finally manage to complete it. thanks god!! It's a very good experience with my design groupmate when we spent time together trying to solve problems and complete our whole project in time.
It's a torturing sem but it is meaningful for me. There are alot of unforgetfull memories i gained during this 2 months back. Lesson to be learnt and the most stupid mistake i have done during my uni life. Just can be responsible to my self and i promise i wont do the same mistake in the future again. Sad, happy, dissapointment and even anger moments accompany me along this semester.
But after all the ends, it is a beginning again. My internship start on this monday, 13/4/09. I am looking forward for it and wish everything will be fine starting from my very first day of internship at Sunrise Bhd, Mont Kiara till the end of the 5 months period. All the best to my fellow coursemate in their internship! Gambateh!!